St Erik, the patron saint of Stockholm. It's grim up North.

From basements to abandoned warehouses, the base was thumpin. The sound was almighty and we worshipped the beat.
Location was spread by word of mouth and copied flyers. We gathered.
We wore Chevignon, Chipie, Stüssy, C-17, Katherine Hamnett, Duffer of St George, Champion and Filas,
we were mad for Manchester, Joe Bloggs, washing powder long sleeved Tees and beanies.
We crammed in cars and drove across the country, we built dancepodiums of europallets, we copied tapes and faked ids,
we saved up to go to the UK. We got mix-tapes and t-shirts, splurged on the cool cap or latest trainers. 
We hung out and discussed flyers and coming ventures. Come weekend we met at certain places, we waited for the buses or new directions.
A ride later and we were there. Systems set up, strobes connected. Heavy cases carried by the Dj, record bag across the shoulders.
Headphones on. Speakers booming, two turntables, smoke, foghorns, strobes, whistles and a heavy base.
Sun came up. Police came. we were ravers.
Go to the club. Play by the rules or not, but play.
music is the answer.
These future relics are made to be worn, manufactured in Germany. Partly recycled, solid 925 sterling silver, uniquely stamped with individual numbering.
Early orders get lower numbers. All futurelics are designed for comfort. Wear everywhere, never leave behind.
Dirt, drink and playing rough might age it. It will tarnish, get scratches and become more beautiful, just like You. It’s a futurelic.
Wear with pride, use, abuse and love or give to someone who will.


Udén Silver is a Swedish brand creating future relics. Our products are currently only available at futurelics.se. For wholesale or other specific inquiries, please send us a mail at hello@ correct domain address (if you are not a computer you can figure it out). If You want to receive news and updates on our product launches and activities please join our mailing list, we’ll let You know whats up!


with Liberty and Justice for All / Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of Your life as a Champion! / and the Truth will set You Free.. John 8:31-32 / Only the Gentle are ever really Strong / tbt 2nd summer of Love 1989. Rave on.