Go to the club. Play by the rules or not, but play.

music is the answer.




Freedom of speech is a luxury. Suit up to express yourself, surface is important.

I made these future relics for comfort, to be worn 24/7. Silver is a precious metal. Dirt, drink and playing rough might age it. It will tarnish, get scratches and become more beautiful, just like You. It’s a futurelic.

Wear with pride, use, abuse and love or give to someone who will.


c u by the speakers 

St Erik, the patron saint of Stockholm. It's grim up North.

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with Liberty and Justice for All / Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of Your life as a Champion! / and the Truth will set You Free.. John 8:31-32 / Only the Gentle are ever really Strong / tbt 2nd summer of Love 1989. Rave on.