Udén Silver is a Swedish brand creating future relics. The designs are based on contemporary and historic symbols. We believe in the importance of freedom of speech, democracy and individual expression.

The futurelics are manufactured in Germany, made to be worn 24/7. The rings are solid, partly recycled 925 sterling silver, uniquely stamped with individual numbering. The futurelics are embossed with our makers mark “US”, the “fu” logo and the silhouette of St Erik, the patron saint of Stockholm.

Udén Silver is certified by Swedac for sale of precious metals.



if You need a piece for a photo-shoot or have a cool idea, request or other inquires, please drop a line to hello@correct domain address (if you are not a computer You can figure it out).

You are welcome to use any material on our site but please remember to refer to our correct address


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with Liberty and Justice for All / Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of Your life as a Champion! / and the Truth will set You Free.. John 8:31-32 / Only the Gentle are ever really Strong / tbt 2nd summer of Love 1989. Rave on.