The prices listed here are wholesale prices including sales tax (Swedish tax or VAT, value added tax, is 25%). When You look at a product You see the regular and recommended retail = our B2C price, in grey crossed out next to Your wholesale price in green incl. tax. Therefore don't forget to deduct tax 25% eg amount: 1320 sek x 0,8 = 1056 kr before adding Your markup; eg 60% so x 2,5 = 2640 kr. Add sales tax e.g 25% in Sweden = list price 3300 sek.

You are free to charge retail what You see fit. The grey price is what we charge B2C and therefore our recommendation.

We will of course provide You with a recepit / invoice where VAT is specified so You can deduct / claim back.

Prices on the Site are shown in SEK (Swedish Kronor), but You can choose Euros or USD in the right sidebar menu - NOTE the price will go back to SEK when checking out and the amount charged will be in SEK converted to your local currency, exact amount depending on currency conversion rate of the chosen payment method.

ALSO NOTE: All prices are excl. shipping costs and potential import taxes (if outside the EU).


Delivery terms

For deliveries in Sweden and Europe our standard is:

DAP (Delivered at place), CPT and or CIP. Meaning futurelics can make all arrangements and cover all costs of shipping and insurance for the shipment to be brought a specific place.

Outside Sweden and / or Europe:

Our standard is EXW = You arrange and pay for transport and all related costs. We can make exceptions for specific orders to be sent either:

CPT (Carriage Paid To) meaning futurelics contracts and pays for the shipment to be brought to a specific address. You as a buyer is responsible for insurance from this point forward.


CIP (Carriage and Insurance Paid To) meaning futurelics contracts and pays for the shipment to be brought to a specific address. You as a buyer is responsible for insurance from this point forward.


Minimum Order Quantity, moq

As a retailer and B2B friend there is a moq of 15 pcs. You can order any styles, colours and sizes and mix them – but the total has to be at least 15 pcs. With a lower amount total You will not be able to check-out.


Production time

As the futurelics for B2B are made per order, please allow between 6-8 weeks for production, excl. delivery time. Manufacturing can be as quick as 4 weeks but 6-8 weeks is standard. When You have placed an order we will get back to You within three working days with estimated delivery time.


Payment terms

You can always choose to pay the total at checkout but if You would like some kind of arrangement with split invoices or such contact us at b2b@ correct domain address (You know it as You are here).

NOTE; no products will be sent until payment is received in full.

If You are a non EU based retailer - also contact us at same email: b2b@ correct domain address, for a special arrangement in regards to invoice without Swedish VAT, payment, shipping etc.



All futurelics comes with branded tags, in a plastic capsule wrapped in paper gift box size 5 x 5 cm. When ordering B2B the boxes are folded in the package (pop-up box, no assembly needed), with futurelics stickers for seal. If You plan to send Your futurelics to customers or need additional package-material order our padded, metallic envelopes.


Colour code tags

All futurelics comes with a nylon string and two tags – one generic grey and a coloured extra tag for colour code identification;

yellow – smallest size

pink – second smallest

green – second largest

blue – largest



As all designs come in 4 sizes, the colour codes does not refer to exact size as there actually are 6 various sizes – but refers to which of the 4. For exact size, see size chart.



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